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    lakspijlenPOORTLAND only uses the powder paint process to apply a layer of paint to its fencing and gates. This process has already been in use for ±30 years for painting aluminium profiles for windows and verandas.

    2 LAYERS
    Because of the oneven structure of the gates and fences, they are covered each time with 2 layers of powder paint. By applying the second layer, Poortland can guarantee a complete and perfect cover, without drains.


    poederlakkenWhat is the powder paint process?
    With the powder paint process, after a thorough cleaning of the galvanised or metallised fencing and gates, a layer of epoxy powder is applied by electrolysis. (foto poederlakken.jpg)      Immediately afterwards, for 15 minutes, the powdered fencing and gates go into an oven that has been preheated to a temperature of ±180 °C. Through the heat, the powder will melt and affix itself evenly onto the metal. After cooling, one obtains a very strong and chip-proof layer of paint, that is approximately 5 times thicker that one applied with wet paint.


    POORTLAND only uses polyester-powder, which is, in contrast with epoxy-powder (harsh) frost-proof or (fierce) sun-proof.

    Partner metallization: Plastimetal