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    The purchase of a reliable swing or sliding gate is an investment in personal security, in which the aesthetic aspect must certainly not be lost sight of. A well thought through choice and long-term vision is indispensable, since this is not something that is changed every few years. To assist its customers with this, POORTLAND puts an easy-reference catalogue at their disposal, in which 150 models and locations are shown in photos of both steel and aluminium gates. All selections shown are POORTLAND creations.

    Each model is obtainable in all dimensions and types (swing or sliding gate).


    From information to order:
    You can get a fully documentated brochure at our offices or by request per phone, fax or email. In this brochure you will find about 150 already placed models.

    You can get a primary price indication by asking for it by fax or email. If you’re still interested after receiving the first quote, you can ask for a meeting with our experienced representative.

    He will make the necessary measurements, and when needed, give you additional advice. After this meeting, you will get a detailed quote at a fixed price.